October’s Birthstone….OPAL…….and TOURMALINE…..

October’s Birthstone….OPAL…….and TOURMALINE…..   I should have realized early on that I was a jewelry lady. Even though I loved making forts in the woods and got into big trouble one year on Earth Day for taking branches off of trees to make my fort, I was a jewelry girl at heart.   My very […]

Sapphire September Birthstone

Well this lovely month of September gets the Birthstone of Sapphire. Let’s get right down to it. The most sought out color for this stone is the rich blue but sapphire also comes in pink, yellow and green, actually almost all colors except for red which is classified as Ruby.   This stone stands for […]

Teardrops and Toggles

Spring is here and so is my new teardrop charm bracelet! Simple and elegant, but loaded with bling, drenched in Swarovski crystal, sassy and chic. (I like it. Can you tell?) I wanted to create a toggle that was so part of the piece, not looking like an afterthought. This one has Swarovski crusted all around.

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