March Birthstones – Aquamarine and Bloodstone

If you are lucky enough to be born in March you have 2 birthstones, aquamarine and bloodstone. These stones couldn’t be anymore different in appearance but both share a symbolism of preserving or enhancing the health of the wearer.

Aquamarine is most often light in tone and ranges from greenish blue to bluey-green. The stone is mined in Brazil but also found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique.

This gemstone was believed to protect sailors as well as guarantee a safe voyage. In the Middle Ages many believed the simple act of wearing this stone was an antidote to poisoning.

Further history, aquamarine was given to the bride at a wedding to symbolize long unity and love.On the Mohs Hardness scale you will find the aquamarine at a 7.5-8.

Now lets explore some tidbits on the bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, it is a variety of jasper, where the dark green color of the stone is flecked with red. This is a dark and earthy stone. It gets its morbid name due to the appearance of blood on the green surface. But associated with the vitality of life because it appeared to actually have blood within it. Having the reputation in the Middle Ages of sacred power.

Physically, the bloodstone is said it helps in the regeneration of cells and tissue making it a go-to for wound healing. Feeling especially moody? It is said that this stone is an effective mood stabilizer.

Bloodstone is found primarily in India although sourced in Central Europe, the Middle east, Australia and interestingly the Isle of Rum in Scotland.On the Mohs scale of hardness it is a 7.0.

Hope you enjoyed this and Happy Birthday to all you March babies!

Mary Elizabeth

The Jewelry Lady

Tips, Tips and more Tips on Cleaning Silver

Good day!

Just want to go over one little tip on polishing cloths and a little bit of theory.

Many of you already know Sterling Silver tarnishes. It’s the nature of the beast. It’s also kind of a test to prove you actually have real 925 Sterling Silver. Although I do have to say, if your silver is from Italy and it says 925 Sterling it is Sterling. The chances of it being less than 925 Sterling really isn’t even worth mentioning. Italian factories are known for their pride and aren’t going to rip people off for lower content silver.

There were times in the past when this was indeed happening to 14KT gold and that was truly horrible. I actually knew one of the importers of gold chains who supplied a very big chain throughout the US who did bring in low carat gold. Holy smokes, that was a true kerfuffle!

Okay back to silver. The easiest way to handle tarnish is to keep your silver stored in almost anything airtight. We use plastic bags. It has worked for us for many many years. Of course a treated jewelry box for silver jewelry is excellent. I just don’t find many people have one of those. If you don’t have a plastic bag handy and you are in a hurry, put your silver piece in the dresser drawer until you get a bag. Out of the air equals a happy piece of silver.

Now if you keep your silver in a plastic bag this keeps the tarnish factor WAY WAY WAY down. But what if the piece has been in the bag for years and needs a little cleaning up? This is where the next best thing is a polishing cloth. Here is my tip regarding polishing cloths, wear some sort of a rubber or latex or plastic glove when using the cloth. This keeps the chemical on the cloth and not coming off the cloth onto your hands. And one more thing….you can polish and polish and run a chain through a polishing cloth and you will see black lines on your cloth as if tarnish is still coming off your cloth. It isn’t, once you see the piece is clean-what is happening is the chemical on the cloth is being used up!

Silver is a hardy metal. It really is in my humble opinion a beautiful metal. There are so many designs in silver. This metal is great for so many stones and shells and just unique pieces at really affordable prices compared to gold. It can be just so darn frustrating when your go to wear a pendant or chain and it has tarnished. Boy do I get that!!! So keep it in a little plastic bag–ONE piece per bag, you never want silver touching silver and keep a polishing cloth handy with a pair of rubber gloves because a polishing cloth will last for years this way. Polishing clothes are a great investment. We sell the one I like the best. We also sell it with a pair of rubber gloves and a little jewelry survival kit.

One more thing, never wash your polishing cloth. All the anti-tarnish material will be washed away. It is perfectly normal to see your cloth get gray or blackish. Keep using it until it doesn’t shine your lovely pieces. I store my cloth in the bag it comes in as. Additionally, I use one section at a time to avoid touching all the surfaces of the treated cloth.

The end 😉

Mary Elizabeth

The Jewelry Lady

January Birthstone – GARNET

Mary Elizabeth Glosup

Garnet is the traditional birthstone for the month of January. When I first started out selling jewelry many moons ago I was amazed by how popular both the garnet and the amethyst stones were. I found these stones to be more popular than diamonds. Garnets come in many shades and colors ranging from red, yellow, orange, blue, brown, purple and pink to colorless. The rarest of the garnet is the blue garnet. This was discovered in Madagascar in the 1990’s

The birthstones we associate with certain months now are not necessarily the same ones as in ancient times. During ancient times it wasn’t so much the stone that was the stone for the month but the color of the stone.

For example, a sapphire in the Bible was probably known today as lapis. Diamonds were probably a white sapphire or white topaz. The stones originally assigned to each month related to the stones appearing on the breastplate of a Jewish high priest.

The wearing of birthstones is considered to bring good health and good luck. Astrologers for ages attribute supernatural powers to certain gemstones. The garnet is said to bring peace, prosperity, and good health to one’s home. The stone is believed to bring curative powers.

It signifies victory, truth, purity, friendship, faith and protection. It is associated with awareness, commitment,  insight and regeneration, countering black magic, negative forces and dark energies.

There is a scale that determines the hardness of a stone, it’s call the Moh’s Scale. On this scale the garnet has a hardness of 6.5-7.5. To give you a comparison, a diamond comes in at 10 and coral or pearl come in at a 3. To go further, a diamond can scratch a garnet but not the other way around.

Most people think with red when they think with garnet as the birthstone for January. The name “garnet” is a Medieval Latin word, “grantum” which is an adjective meaning “dark red”. It is thought that this adjective could have been extracted from the word “pomegranate” due to the shape and color of the seeds of the pomegranate. It could also have come from the medieval latin word: “granum” referring to red die.

Large deposits of red garnet were found in Bohemia (Central Europe) around the 16th century which became the the focus of the jewelry industry in that area. Bohemian garnet from the Czech Republic continues to be mined today. Different types of garnet occur in different locations including the USA, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania and Turkey.

Her are some more beautiful garnets. Thanks as always for reading!

Mary Elizabeth

The Jewelry Lady

*Birthstones by Month

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October’s Birthstone….OPAL…….and TOURMALINE…..

Mary Elizabeth Glosup

October’s Birthstone….OPAL…….and TOURMALINE…..


I should have realized early on that I was a jewelry lady. Even though I loved making forts in the woods and got into big trouble one year on Earth Day for taking branches off of trees to make my fort, I was a jewelry girl at heart.


My very first purchase was a turquoise ring. I can’t remember if I spent $5 or $25 but it was my own money. It had 5 stones on it which I liked as there were five kids in my family. My dad drove me to the place, it was off Route 84 in Connecticut and it was a turquoise place. I had no idea why we picked this place but I was told my birthstone was turquoise. Well it turns out, my stone is Opal as I am an October baby but it is Tourmaline as well as there are 2 stones for October.. I think I still would have loved my turquoise ring as it was my very first. With my own money.

Black Opal

So let’s talk Opal….it symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. The word itself comes from the Latin opalus, meaning precious jewel. It is said that necklaces with opal set in them were to worn to repel evil and to protect eyesight. It is given to celebrate the 14TH year of marriage. Also said about the stone is that it encourages the individuality and inner radiance of the wearer to shine through. I just love that!


Generally opals with black or dark body tone are more valuable than those with white, light or crystal body tone because a stone with a darker body tone tends to display colors more vibrantly. A black opal is the most prized opal and you can see a price of that upwards of $15,000.


It is said it is unlucky to wear an opal if it isn’t your birthstone and I’ve heard that it’s okay if it’s a gift. This superstition comes from a fiction book written in the 1800’s!!! In fact, throughout most of history, the opal has been regarded as the luckiest and most magical of all gemstones because it can show all colors. So you know what I say to that right? Go ahead and wear it regardless of whether or not it is your birthstone.

Opal’s healing powers are said to help in the treatment of various infections and fevers. The healing energies from this stone assist in relieving the constriction that you may experience in your heart and chest.

White Opal

Are opals fragile? Yes, they are! And they can break easily/ They have the same hardness of glass. You can clean them with warm soapy water and want to avoid ultrasonic cleaners and chemical cleaners. Most often because of how delicate this stone is you will find it set deep in a setting as opposed to protruding out.

Now let’s talk Tourmaline…. This stone comes in a variety of colors and color combinations. It’s name means “mixed stone” which makes sense with the variety of colors-green, black, blue, purple, red, yellow, white, gray, brown and orange.Crazy, right?!


The health benefits of this gemstone are many….just a few are it helps with detoxification, supports fat loss, reduces water retention, improves circulation and supports the liver and kidneys.


Tourmaline has many positive attributes in the spiritual arena. It is thought to bring healing powers to a shaman or medicine man. It is what is called a “receptive stone” which means it is soothing, calming, inward and magnetic promoting spirituality, wisdom and mysticism.

Various Tourmaline Color Stones


On the Mohs scale of hardness this stone comes in at 7-7.5. Deposits of Tourmaline are found in Afghanistan,. Pakistan, Russia, Burma, Sri Lanka and the United States in California and Maine. Several African countries have just started producing this gemstone.


I hope you enjoyed this information. All you October babies have a happy happy happy birthday!


Mary Elizabeth Glosup

The Jewelry Lady


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Sapphire September Birthstone

Mary Elizabeth Glosup

Well this lovely month of September gets the Birthstone of Sapphire.

Let’s get right down to it. The most sought out color for this stone is the rich blue but sapphire also comes in pink, yellow and green, actually almost all colors except for red which is classified as Ruby.


This stone stands for wisdom, loyalty and nobility.

It has been said that this stone helps to focus the mind, encourages self-discipline and channel higher powers.

The name “sapphire” comes from the Latin sapphirus and Greek meaning “blue stone”.


Sapphires are found in many places…Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Myanmar, North America-mainly Montana, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. The origin can affect their value as much as cut, clarity color and carat size.


The sapphire is remarkably hard , measuring 9 on the Mohs scale, second only to a Diamond.

Interestingly enough, the sapphire isn’t valuable only in jewelry circles but also in industrial applications including scientific instruments, high-durability windows, watches and electronics.


September’s birthstone has been popular since the Middles Ages. Back then, the celestial blue color of this gem symbolized heaven and attracted divine favor and wise judgement. Also back then the sapphire was believed to protect those close to you from harm and represented loyalty and trust.


Greeks wore sapphire for guidance when seeking answers from the oracle. Buddhists believe it bought spiritual enlightenment, and Hindus used it for worship. Early Christian kings cherished Sapphires powers of protection by using it in ecclesiastical rings. Ancient Hebrews believed that the Ten Commandments were engraved on tablets of sapphire.


This gem became the symbol of love when Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a 12-carat blue sapphire ring. Prince William later gave this ring to Catherine Middleton when he proposed in 2010.


Astrologically, August 23-September 22 is the sign of Virgo and September 23-October 22 is Libra.


Mary Elizabeth

PERIDOT – August Birthstone

August birthstone


The August Birthstone is Peridot, which is one of my very favorites, maybe because one of my daughters was born in August but also because I just love green.


I remember early on selling jewelry in the 80’s and how women would practically cry how they hated their birthstone. At the time the most popular stone was the Amethyst and then a very close second, the Garnet and these two stones were well liked over the Diamond.


The original birthstone for the month of August was Sardonyx* and Peridot was added becoming the primary gem. In 2016 August joined June and December as one of the three birth months represented by three gems as Spinel, which can be found in a variety of colors became the third stone.

Spinel Colors

Most academics agree that the word “peridot” is derived from the Arabic faridat which means “gem,” but some believe it’s rooted in the Greek word peridona, meaning “giving plenty.” This is possibly why peridot is connected with prosperity and good fortune.


Peridot is the rare gem-quality variety of the common mineral olivine- olive green, which forms deep inside the earth’s mantle and is brought to the surface by volcanoes. In Hawaii, peridot symbolizes the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess of fire who controls the flow of lava.


Most of the world’s peridot supply comes from the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona. Other sources are China, Myanmar, Pakistan and Africa.


Peridot only measures 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale-Diamond is  10, so while the raw crystal is prone to cracking during cutting, the finished gemstones are rather  strong and easy to wear. It is durable for everyday wear in jewelry, but should be treated with care to avoid scratching as with most gemstones. You would want to avoid gardening etc with your gemstones. Clean your Peridot with mild soap and warm water-liquid dish soap is perfect.. Then rinse very well and I use a blow dryer to dry it. When using a blow dryer, place the piece of jewelry on a counter on top of a towel, never hold it as you will get burnt from the metal heating up.


The Peridot has also been called “the Evening Emerald” because its gleaming green hue looks brilliant any time of day, peridot is said to bear healing properties that protect against nightmares and evil, ensuring peace and happiness. Babies born in August are lucky to be guarded by peridot’s good fortune. Peridot and Spinel Peridot, with its signature lime green color, is believed to instill power and influence to the wearer.


Peridot jewelry dates back as far as to the  transition from the Middle to the Late Bronze Age.. These ancient Egyptian gems came from sediments on a small volcanic island in the Red Sea called Topazios, now known as St. John’s Island or Zabargad.


Ancient Egyptians called peridot the “gem of the sun,” believing it protected its wearer from terrors of the night. Egyptian priests believed that it harnessed the power of nature, and used goblets encrusted with it to commune with their nature gods.


Some historians believe that Cleopatra’s famed emerald collection may have actually been peridot. Through medieval times, people continued to confuse these two green gems. The 200-carat gems adorning one of the shrines in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral were long believed to be emeralds as well, but they are also peridots.


This gemstone saw a revival in the 1990s when new deposits were discovered in Pakistan, producing some of the finest peridots ever found. Some of these “Kashmir peridots” measured more than 100 carats.


The most productive peridot deposit in the world is located on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. An estimated 80 to 95 percent of the world’s peridot supply is found here.


Thanks to these rich deposits, the modern demand for peridots can now be met easily, giving people born in August affordable options for wearing this beautiful green birthstone.


Whether you’re shopping for an August birthday or a 16th wedding anniversary, peridot makes the perfect gift that will leave others green with envy.


Peridot can be assessed with the same criteria as diamonds—using color, clarity, cut and carat weight to determine value.


The finest peridots have a lovely lime green hue without any hints of brown or yellow. Quality gems have no inclusions visible to the naked eye, though dark spots may be evident under a microscope. When you look closely, due to double refraction, you may see two of each facet on a peridot.


Thanks to rich deposits of peridot that were discovered in Pakistan in the 1990s, the gem is relatively inexpensive in smaller grain sizes but prices increase for larger stones. Commercially-mined peridots typically measure six to 13 millimeters, so faceted stones are generally about one carat in size.


Flawless peridots over five carats are particularly rare, though stones as large as 22 carats have been cut from basalt rock in Arizona—where most of the world’s peridot is found. The world’s largest peridot is a 310-carat gem in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.


Thankfully, there’s now enough raw material on the market so that the perfect peridot can be found to fit any taste or budget.


I hope you enjoyed this information on Peridot. I honestly used to get sad when I would hear people didn’t like their birthstone, just something about me and jewelry. I have often thought that Peridot and Amethysts would go together beautifully, again that could be because my other daughter is born in February.


Mary Elizabeth Glosup

The Jewelry Lady


Reference American Gem Society


  1. Onyx in which white layers alternate with sard.

How to Clean Silver Jewelry Using Toothpaste

I have used this method before in the past and I found this presentation just perfect!


Check out How to Clean Silver Jewelry Using Toothpaste by Shayne on Snapguide.



Mary Elizabeth Glosup

“The Jewelry Lady”

For more tips on sterling silver visit our website at…




Ruby birthstone


Two Rubies


Rubies, the birthstone of July, are considered the king of gems and represent love, health and wisdom. It was believed wearing a fine red Ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner. A Ruby is the most valuable gemstone and its value increases based on its color and quality.


Symbolic of the passion and energy associated with the color red, the vibrant ruby is said to bring love and success.

The name “ruby” comes from rubeus, the Latin word for red. In ancient Sanskrit, ruby translated to ratnaraj, which meant “king of precious stones.” These fiery gems have been treasured throughout history for their vitality.


Tough and durable, ruby measures 9 on the Mohs scale. Diamond is the only natural gemstone harder than ruby.


Ruby’s strength and red fluorescence make it valuable for applications beyond jewelry. Both natural and synthetic rubies are used in watchmaking, medical instruments and lasers.


Due to its deep red color, ruby has long been associated with the life force and vitality of blood. It is believed to amplify energy, heighten awareness, promote courage and bring success in wealth, love and battle.


Though ruby has a long history, it wasn’t recognized as a variety of corundum until 1800. Prior to that, red spinel, tourmaline, and garnet were also believed to be ruby. Even the Black Ruby, one of the famed crown jewels of England, was considered one of the largest cut rubies until determined to be spinel.


Imitation ruby dates back as far as Roman times, though it wasn’t actually synthesized until the early 1900s.


Whether you’re showing your love for someone born in July, or celebrating a 15th or 40th wedding anniversary, there’s no better gift than ruby.


Popular since ancient times, these precious gems are said to rouse the senses, amplify positive energy and guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and success in love.


Like diamonds, rubies are evaluated using the 4Cs*, plus size and geographic origin. The most important feature of a ruby is its red color, as other hues of this gem species are considered sapphire. The finest ruby is a vibrant purplish red, losing value (and classification as a ruby) as it leans toward brown, orange or even pink.


Rubies also require good transparency. Opaque rubies are much less valuable, even if they display cat’s eye or asterism**.


All natural rubies contain imperfections, like rutile inclusions called “silk.” These can actually increase the value of ruby (when displaying a rare cat’s eye or star effect) and are often used to determine a gem’s authenticity.


The Sunrise Ruby is the world’s most expensive gemstone other than a diamond. A 25.6-carat Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby set between two diamonds weighing 2.5 and 2.7 carats respectively, it sold at auction in 2015 for nearly $30 million, setting a new record price-per-carat.


Lower quality rubies are heat treated to improve color saturation and minimize inclusions, making these varieties more affordable.


A valuable gift to symbolize passion, protection and prosperity, ruby is the perfect way to express powerful emotions.

Mary Elizabeth

* 4C’s are Color Clarity Carat and Cut

** as·ter·ism

  1. 1.
    a prominent pattern or group of stars, typically having a popular name but smaller than a constellation.
  2. 2.
    a group of three asterisks (⁂) drawing attention to following text.

Ref. American Gem Society

June Birthstones

June is one of only two months that have three birthstones associated with it, giving the lucky people born in June a choice of gemstones between pearl, alexandrite and moonstone.

Pearl     Moonstone       Alexandrite



June’s birthstones range from creamy-colored Opalescent Pearl and Moonstone to the rare color-changing Alexandrite—one of the most valuable gems on earth. With this spectrum of price points and color options, people with June birthdays can choose a beautiful gemstone to fit any mood or budget.

I love pearls. I love Mother of pearl. People find the benefit of stones interesting so I thought I would do some research and see what’s said about the June stones….


Here goes on pearl…Astrologically, Pearl removes the ill effects of moon and strengthens the mind. It helps in reducing discomforts during sleep. These problems can be reduced by wearing pearlstone.

Here is the care of pearls,,,,,Gently dab water and soap on your pearls with a dry, soft cloth. Do not let chemicals or water sit on your pearls too long. Polish your pearls with a dry, soft cloth to maintain their luster. Avoid jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners.



Let’s go onto Moonstone. Here is what I got….It is a gemstone associated with maintaining emotional balance and spiritual concord through meditation. *. Moonstone is a women’s gemstone that enhances their hormonal balance and energy with yang. It regulates the menstrual disorders and relieves pain during childbirth. Astrologically speaking,  This sacred stone is believed to act as a talisman( an object thought to have magic powers) for travelers, a stone of prophecy and an ultimate gift for the lovers. It opens Heart and Sacral chakra in body to increase the psychic abilities and stimulate inner growth with intuition for its possessor.


A good moonstone should be almost transparent and as free of inclusions (characteristic enclosed within a gemstone) as possible. Inclusions can potentially interfere with the adularescence-of gemstones having a milky, bluish luster. . Characteristic inclusions in moonstone include tiny tension cracks called centipedes. They are called this because they resemble those long, thin creatures with many legs.


Care of your moonstone is easy peasy.  Choose a gentle commercial, non-acid based jewelry cleaner or a mild solution of several drops of dish detergent and water. Use a soft cloth to wipe off the stone. If it is set in gold you can dip the piece in this solution.


Lastly onto Alexandrite….let’s begin at the beginning. Alexandrite is relatively hard—8.5 on the Mohs scale. It has excellent toughness and no cleavage, which is a tendency to break when struck. This makes it a good choice for rings and other mountings subject to daily wear. Alexandrite is the highly regarded color changing variety of Chrysoberyl-a mineral. The color of Alexandrite changes under different lighting conditions. If viewed in daylight, its color is greenish blue to dark yellowgreen. If viewed in incandescent or candle light, its color is pink to red.


Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June (along with the pearl) and the Anniversary stone for the 55th year of marriage. It is also considered Friday’s stone, or the stone of “Friday’s Child.”(Friday’s child is loving and giving) It is an extremely rare gemstone and a fairly modern one to boot.

Mary Elizabeth Glosup

The Jewelry Lady

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Summer Rages On!

August Birthstone

Summer is raging On!!

As I sit here in my office in Sunny Southern California, I wonder how the rest of the country is getting on with the Summer Heat. Let us know how hot it is where you are, we love hearing from our customers.
It has been surprisingly mild so far here with some much needed rain and humidity. But I always say that the best cure for the Summertime Blues is some COOL JEWELRY. But that is just me!
August’s Birthstone is the Peridot and we have a nice selection of Peridot rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Come have a look. We also have the peridot color in our Swarovski line of jewelry as well. Here are some interesting August Birthstone factoids…
Peridot is the official birthstone for the month of August as adopted by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. It is also the stone for the Zodiac sign of Libra. See the birthstone wiki for additional references to this stone. Peridot may also be given on the 16th wedding anniversary.See below for the correct pronunciation of (forsteritic olivine, Peridot’s Scientific Name) watch and listen to this.
How To Pronounce Peridot

Pronunciation of Peridot

I have always pronounced it (and have corrected others LOL) “pera doe” and now low and behold, I was wrong (tough to admit!) So for your education, it is pronounced as above.
Peridot is the gem variety of olivine and ranges between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.Peridot olivine is mined in Egypt, Arkansas, Arizona on the San Carlos Reservation, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico at Kilbourne Hole, in the US; and in Australia, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Folklore Legend and Healing Properties

Cleopatra had a deep love of peridot. While many sources from the time describe her as bejeweled in emeralds there is much archaeological evidence that the stones people were taking as emeralds were actually peridot.In fact one of the nicknames for peridot since ancient times has been ‘evening emerald’. This also brings to mind the long held belief that peridot burned with an inner fire that would glow at night. In some ancient cultures miners searched for peridot during the early evening or at night when they said it was the easiest to find.Ancient Hawaiian folklore says that peridot is actually the hardened tears of a goddess named Pele. Pele, as a deity, was associated with fire, lightning, and volcanoes. Pele was in many stories a destructive goddess but, as the Hawaiian Islands themselves were formed from the explosion of the volcanoes beneath them, Pele was known to be generous as well. Peridot is one of the gifts it is said the goddess gave to the Hawaiian people.

Peridot is also mentioned in the Bible under the name chrysolite. During the Crusades many pieces of peridot were brought back from the Middle East and were used to decorate churches.

With its lovely pear green color it should be no surprise that peridot is linked to success, peace, and good luck. In modern new age tradition it is also supposed to help soothe the wearer to deep sleep, to dispel negative energy, and calm anger.

Health-wise throughout history it was believed that powered peridot could cure respiratory problems such as asthma and that the gemstone acted as a salve to heart troubles. In the Middle Ages peridot was placed under the tongue of sick people to reduce fevers.

It is thought to bring the wearer good luck, peace, and success,. Its powers include health, protection, and sleep. The advantages of peridot are to attract love and calm anger while also soothing nerves and dispelling negative emotions.

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8/5/2015 8/17/2015 12540 Beach Blvd., Stanton, CA 90680
8/6/2015 8/16/2015 2621 S Market St, Gilbert, AZ 85296
8/6/2015 8/23/2015 1250 Airport Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32504
8/6/2015 8/23/2015 7475 Winchester Road, Memphis, TN 38125
8/6/2015 8/23/2015 9498 Gateway Blvd N, El Paso, TX 79924
8/6/2015 8/23/2015 5625 Gosford Road, Bakersfield, CA 93313
8/6/2015 8/23/2015 7757 S Olympia Ave W, Tulsa, OK 74132
8/6/2015 8/23/2015 300 Busch Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32218
8/13/2015 8/30/2015 1850 E. Woodman Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80920
8/18/2015 8/30/2015 39940 10Th Street West, Palmdale, CA 93551
8/18/2015 8/30/2015 1301 S. Lone Hill Ave.., Glendora, CA 91740
8/19/2015 8/31/2015 2401 No. Rose Ave., Oxnard, CA 93030
8/20/2015 8/30/2015 1459 North Dysart Road, Avondale, AZ 85323

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