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Victorian Sardonyx Cameo Brooch

Victorian Sardonyx Cameo Brooch

For all you August babies, your birthstone is Peridot and Sardonyx from the onyx family. Sardonyx is from the natural stone category. Here I will speak of mainly peridot, the traditional birthstone. The zodiac sign is Leo.

Peridot is one of my very favorite colors and probably the least favorite birthstone by survey which I just don’t get but being an accessory snob, I just love all the stones. I especially love this stone with amethysts. So funny because peridot is my youngest daughter’s stone and amethyst is my oldest daughter’s stone. I think these two stones together are just glorious. That could be the mom in me and what these two stones represent to me but here I will not judge myself too harshly.

Peridot is a 6.5-7 on the hardness scale for stones. The healing properties are with tissue regeneration and is said to be most useful in healing spiritual diseases and balances the endocrines. Effective with health problems relating to the sinuses, breast, lungs and the lymphatic system. It is also said to enhance prosperity, openness and growth.


Large Natural Peridot Stone

With Feng Shui it is said to reduce anxiety, stress and builds confidence.

Peridot is an Arabic word meaning “precious stone” which may be the source of its name. The ancient Egyptians considered it to be a very sacred stone. They acquired the stone from the Red Sea. The stone was often used for religious jewelry and worn for inspiration in the Middle Ages. Many ancient cultures used it for purification and to balance the energy of the physical body.

Peridot is known for symbolizing strength. It was once upon a time thought of the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele, the peridot crystals found in volcanic ash. This stone is also associated with loyalty, truth, love and faithfulness.

For all you August babies have a lovely birthday!


Mary Elizabeth,



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  • joyce sykora 6 Sep 2014

    Interested in purchasing the pave hoops. I am looking for 1.25 dia. Is the lg. hoop 1.25 inches or the medium. I wish you would put it on your site. thank you

    I am a member of sams but you will not be in our area until late fall.

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